Dhaka, Bangladesh


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2018: Let’s Review & Look Ahead

I have to say 2018 was overall a good year for Muzikraft Bangladesh. For any new business, the beginning is always a huge learning curve. This has been very true for us. This year with help from some really great friends and designers we have moved ahead. We ended the year with two great events,…
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Agao Bangladesh

In 2016, Jim Yong Kim the World Bank Group President said “Bangladesh has shown the world that a long list of hardships can be overcome. In fact, its people have shown that innovation, commitment, setting goals, and visionary leadership can accomplish feats that few dared imagine. I believe that Bangladesh can continue to build on this…
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Supporting Women and Children

“Strengthen him [the poor person] so that he does not fall [as distinct from the one who has already become poor] and become dependent on others” (Leviticus 25:35) Muzikraft Bangladesh began as a boon for NGOs and FTOs with whom it was known to in Dhaka in 2016. Shortly after the attack at Holey Artisan,…
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The Utsav

Muzikraft is undertaking an initiative to promote products made in Bangladesh through its upcoming event, The Utsav. We are seeking products, crafts, art or jewelry made in Bangladesh made of: Jute Clay Metal Stones Pearls Cotton Silk & Others If you are a designer/producer of these kinds of items, contact us. We are looking forward…
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Charity for the Rohingyas Camps in Chittagong

The world is looking at Bangladesh as more than 400,000 Rohingyas have come to take refuge here. They have come with only what they could carry and often that is only the clothes they are wearing. It is not possible to look on their plight and not feel sympathy or the want of doing something…
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This Friday, September 22nd, Muzikraft is organizing a charity festival to benefit Kurigram flood victims. Donations of money, clothing, and other needs will be collected and their women farmers will be selling fresh organic produce. Details are available by emailing eventivation@muzikraft.com or calling 01619099915. Thank you.

That Day When….

You know I have a few loves that I miss a lot. Driving to work listening to #ElvisDuran on NYC’s #Z100 in the morning used to be one. Now, I live to listen to the show during my walks in the evening “live”. Thank you #iHeartRadio! I enjoy the pranks, #GregT’s Topic Train and all the…
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3 Upcoming Events

Muzikraft Eventivation will be organizing a few events in the next two months. These will mostly be bazaar type events held at local (Dhaka) Expat Clubs. September 22nd Desh-Bidesh Mela   October 6th Fall Funfair Bazaar   October 20th Autumn Mashup Be Advised that admission to these events is restricted. You must be a Member…
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The Truth – The Story of Diplo Live In Dhaka

Last May my daughter decided to partner with a friend of hers from New York to bring a well known musical performer, DJ, EDM Producer to Dhaka. I joined with her, but there were conflict as her friend was expat Bangladeshi who had grown up in the UK and USA and was trying to do…
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3 Days

Are you ready Dhaka? I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!! Just three days until this awesome event hits the stage. We know we’ve been skimpy on details, but it is going to be an amazing night with live performances from some of the best EDM artists Dhaka has to offer with a never…
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