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That Day When….

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That Day When….

You know I have a few loves that I miss a lot. Driving to work listening to #ElvisDuran on NYC’s #Z100 in the morning used to be one. Now, I live to listen to the show during my walks in the evening “live”. Thank you #iHeartRadio! I enjoy the pranks, #GregT’s Topic Train and all the fun that the crew has throughout the show. The days that I miss the “live” show (Life happens) lead me to the replay channel on #iHeart Radio. Simply the best.

Last night was one of those days, but it was a good one. Wes “DIPLO” visited with Elvis and though I missed it the first time I was thrilled to pieces when I heard him. As you may recall, DIPLO came to Dhaka in April 2017. So, last night for me was “That Day When DIPLO was interviewed on my Favorite radio show! It was totally awesome for me.

So, if you missed it or just want to see it, here’s the video of the interview where he talks about upcoming possible collaborations, new artists that he likes and more. So for all the DIPLO fans out there, here is DIPLO on Z100’s Elvis Duran’s Morning Show:

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