Dhaka, Bangladesh

Agao Bangladesh

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Agao Bangladesh

In 2016,┬áJim Yong Kim the World Bank Group President said “Bangladesh has shown the world that a long list of hardships can be overcome. In fact, its people have shown that innovation, commitment, setting goals, and visionary leadership can accomplish feats that few dared imagine. I believe that Bangladesh can continue to build on this record and can end extreme poverty by 2030 and boost shared prosperity. Agao Bangladesh. Prosper Bangladesh.”

Through each Craft Fair, I see this ring truer every time. The innovation and leadership, even in the smallest craft business, makes a huge difference. These women-owned businesses are empowering women and children throughout Bangladesh and making a dent in poverty as an end result. The more our expat community in Dhaka, Bangladesh supports these events, more opportunities are available for the destitute to flourish.

A few photos from our most recent event held at the American Club:

It is important that we all play our part, young, old, new, experienced and novice. When all do our part to help others in our own unique way, Bangladesh can only succeed and move ahead in every sector.