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2018: Let’s Review & Look Ahead

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2018: Let’s Review & Look Ahead

I have to say 2018 was overall a good year for Muzikraft Bangladesh. For any new business, the beginning is always a huge learning curve. This has been very true for us. This year with help from some really great friends and designers we have moved ahead. We ended the year with two great events, Native Artistry and the Holiday Craft Fair.

We have some tentative plans for the beginning of 2019 and if all goes well it should also be another good year. In the meantime, enjoy the waning days of 2018 and come back refreshed for 2019. No matter the outcome of the election, we will all persevere. As we sing for Auld Lang Syne (For old times sake) as we ring in 2019, let us recall the great times of 2018.

As a gift for our friends and followers, we have put together a small clip of the last 2 events. We hope you enjoy it.

If you are interested in knowing more about upcoming events, follow our page on Facebook or drop an email to muzikraftbangladesh@gmail.com. We will add you to our list.

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