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The Truth – The Story of Diplo Live In Dhaka

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The Truth – The Story of Diplo Live In Dhaka

Last May my daughter decided to partner with a friend of hers from New York to bring a well known musical performer, DJ, EDM Producer to Dhaka. I joined with her, but there were conflict as her friend was expat Bangladeshi who had grown up in the UK and USA and was trying to do an event the way he does them in the U.S. and not understanding it doesn’t work the same way in Bangladesh. Finally after struggling with this for a while, I suggested to my daughter that if her friend’s company isn’t investing anything in the event (and expecting to receive the profits) and only contributes instructions then we should form our own company and do it here ourselves.

Shortly after this she met a new “friend” here in Dhaka who wanted to work with us. This “friend” caused more problems and while we tried our best working together through our first event in November – an exhibition, it was clear it wasn’t meant to be.

In late July or early August my son suggested bringing Major Lazer to Bangladesh. I added this to my list of ‘possibilities’ and emailed their management company along with several other suggested groups. Just a blind mail to the info@…. from their website. Much to my suprise, they replied and many emails later it was confirmed that Diplo was coming to Bangladesh.

Many people are now coming out and making claims that they brought Diplo, I would suggest seeing the proof before believing in them.

#Oomph Bangladesh and #Muzikraft worked with #eCube Entertainment (as our execution partner). #eCube did not bring #Diplo, although we appreciate all their help in this event. Diplo was brought only by #Muzikraft Events and #Oomph Bangladesh exclusively. The event was bannered under only Oomph Bangladesh to avoid confusion and #eCube took the lead for most of the approval, liaisons, ticketing and event organization. Muzikraft and Oomph worked with the US Embassy and government officials when and where necessary.

There are many things in hindsight that could have been done differently or better and we hope to bring other artists in the future. For now we are focusing on local events only. Should there be anyone with an inquiry regarding this, contact us via our contact page on either this website or Oomph Bangladesh’s site.

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