Dhaka, Bangladesh

Registration or Booking with Muzikraft

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Muzikraft Bangladesh usually announces exhibitions through private messaging and emails that will contain a link to its online registration form. Following registration payment is expected of at least 50% of the booking fee. 

Booking fees:

Fees are set based on of venue cost, decorator cost, marketing, and event administration cost generally speaking. If a breakdown is required, it will be provided. 

Cancellation by a Participant:

If a booking is cancelled within the first 7 days following the booking and payment, a full refund is given. Depending on the event registration duration period, the next 7 days the registration refund reduces to 75%, after 14 days 50%, any cancellation with the last 3 days leading to the event no refund is given. 

Cancellation of Event

Should an event be completely cancelled refunds will be given to all who have booked.